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In a recent case, a woman sued a casino after she was injured while boarding the casino’s shuttle bus. The woman was attempting to board a crowded shuttle bus provided by a casino when she claims she was pushed and fell. She suffered a broken bone in her hip that required immediate surgery. The casino operated the free shuttle for certain people and picked them up at different places to take them to the casino. One witness said that there was often a chaotic scene at the shuttle bus pickup at that time. Despite that, no additional precautions were taken by the casino to ensure passengers boarded the bus safely.

Casino ChipsThe woman sued the casino for negligence as a result. She argued that the casino was a “common carrier” and had a duty and a responsibility to ensure the safety of its customers who used its shuttle bus. She argued that the casino knew or should have known of the dangers inherent in boarding the crowded shuttle bus and that it should have made the process safer. The woman alleged the casino was a common carrier, which meant that the casino had a higher duty of care under certain circumstances. The casino argued it was not a common carrier and did not have a heightened duty of care.

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A 24-year-old woman was found dead inside a cryochamber at a cryotherapy salon where she worked in Nevada. According to one local news article, the woman is believed to have suffocated inside one of the ice chambers at the salon.

blue-1476251In whole-body cryotherapy, a customer stands in a cylindrical or sauna-like chamber chilled to extreme sub-zero temperatures, often between minus 200 and minus 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The duration of time a person remains in the chamber varies, but it is generally very short — between two and three minutes. Users of cryotherapy tout its supposed healing properties, but at the present time it is unclear if the therapy is any more effective at reducing inflammation and accelerating muscle recovery than cold-water baths or traditional ice packs.

Authorities believe that the salon manager was stuck in the cryochamber for at least 10 hours before being found by other employees of the salon. Besides death, cryotherapy carries risks of frostbite and increased heart and breathing rates. As body temperatures drop, cryotherapy patients may also experience confusion, a loss of coordination, and even cardiac arrest, when the heart ceases to function properly and a person stops breathing and loses consciousness.

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