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As a personal injury law firm serving the Chicago area for the past several decades, we have represented clients in thousands of cases involving tragic accidents that have had lasting effects on both the accident victims as well as their families. Throughout our service of the Chicago area, we have come to understand that one of the best ways to avoid a serious injury is through preventative measures. That is why we formed the Moll Law Group Scholarship: to encourage college students to think about ways in which we can all enjoy a safer society through injury prevention.

pen-1420985Students were asked to write an essay on the topic of safety or injury prevention. Essayists were asked to limit their submissions to 1,500 words, and they were given approximately one month to compose their essays.

After careful review, the selection board has come up with a list of five finalists who exemplify the quality writing and thoughtful approach to injury prevention that we stand for here at Moll Law Group. To assist in the final selection of the top essay, we have set up a special webpage dedicated to the Moll Law Group Scholarship, where readers can view each of the students’ essays and vote for their favorite. We will consider the votes received through the webpage as well as add the number of “likes,” “shares,” and “comments” each essay receives on social media to determine the winner of the Moll Law Group Scholarship.

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As a law firm that represents those who have been seriously injured, Moll Law Group knows that one of the best ways to prevent personal injuries or even death is to take the adequate precautions beforehand. Of course, this does not mean that society should shift the blame onto those who have been hurt in serious or fatal accidents. Instead, we all should be held to a high standard when it comes to the effects of our actions.

edge-1563789At Moll Law Group, we have been studying and practicing personal injury law for decades, and we understand that the law is not static. It changes over time. With the advent of new ideas and technologies, what was once considered the norm years ago may now be understood to be physically dangerous due to consequences that may not have been realized at the time. This is why Moll Law Group encourages new ideas and is enthusiastic about technologies that increase the overall safety of society.

Here at Moll Law Group, we want to encourage safety in all forms. And to further that aspiration, we are offering two $1,000 scholarships to selected college students who submit an essay about safety or injury prevention. Acceptable topics include, but are not limited to, products liability (dangerous products), premises liability (slip-and-fall accidents), auto safety, medical care, nursing home care, and child safety. For more ideas on acceptable topics, see Moll Law Group’s website.

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