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New construction zones pop up all the time, especially during the summer. Even when a driver is paying attention to the warnings, a driver can still misunderstand the signs and enter the wrong lane. For that reason, adequate warnings are essential.

Road WorkIn a recent case, a man was killed in an accident while he was driving his motorcycle through a construction zone. The man inadvertently drove into a closed lane, and when he tried to go back to an open lane, he hit an uneven surface and was thrown off his motorcycle and into traffic. The man’s estate sued the state’s transportation commission and the state’s department of transportation for failing to place proper warnings, failing to properly maintain the condition of the road, and creating hazardous driving conditions.

The defendants argued that they were immune from liability because the placement of the traffic control warning was within their discretion. The court rejected their argument and denied their immunity claim. The court noted that a governmental entity and its employees acting within the scope of employment are not liable in that state for actions that are discretionary.

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Among all vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents are particularly scary. There are no seat belts or air bags to protect a motorcycle rider’s body from injury, and some states, like Illinois, have no helmet law at all.

motorcycle-1450689Without these protections, when a motorcycle driver is involved in an accident, the injuries are often serious and even life-threatening. No matter how slowly a motorcycle is moving, if a rider is hit and his head hits the ground, there is the possibility of permanent damage to the rider’s brain. The same is true if a motorcycle rider is thrown into the air without a seat belt to keep him grounded.

Like all other drivers, motorcycle riders can be injured in any number of ways. With only two wheels to grip the road, bad weather and slippery streets can easily cause a motorcycle to lose traction and crash. In addition, given their size, it is easier for other drivers to lose a motorcycle in their “blind spot” while changing lanes or merging onto a busy highway.

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